1. Space Emoticons Pro 3.01

Space Emoticons Pro 3.01 by Scorpio Software
Windows | 2.95MB | Shareware | January 26, 2006
Space Emoticons Pro lets you insert animated emoticons and smileys into your emails and message board posts, supports all popular email clients including Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express as well as most popular message boards. Enjoy!
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Download Space Emoticons Pro 3.01

2. Handy Animated Emoticons 5.0

Handy Animated Emoticons 5.0 by Scorpio Software
Windows | 3.74MB | Shareware | February 6, 2011
Beautiful handy program to decorate your emails and messages with animated emoticons. Tons of funny animated emoticons are ready for emails, blogs and message board posts. Compatible with all major web browsers, email tools, blogs and boards. Enjoy!
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Download Handy Animated Emoticons 5.0

3. Pretty Animated Emoticons 3.02

Pretty Animated Emoticons 3.02 by Scorpio Software
Windows | 3.46MB | Shareware | February 7, 2006
Popular software to express emotions in emails and message board posts. Lets you insert lovely animated emoticons into any popular email software, online email services, message boards and forums. Designed for ease of use and convenience. Enjoy!
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Download Pretty Animated Emoticons 3.02

4. PostSmile 7.4.0

PostSmile 7.4.0 by Masterra
Windows | 2.38MB | Shareware | February 1, 2014
Make your messages brilliant and very special! Use PostSmile to place smiley faces and animated emoticons, pictures and photos, famous quotes and personal handwritten signatures into your email letters, web-forum and message board postings.
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Download PostSmile 7.4.0

5. Windows Animated Gif Player 1.0

Windows Animated Gif Player 1.0 by Moon Valley Software
Windows | 146KB | Freeware | October 23, 2003
This is a full-featured, streamlined program built using ActiveX to view animated .gif images. For more information, please visit Free!
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Download Windows Animated Gif Player 1.0

6. Christmas MSN Emoticons 1.0

Christmas MSN Emoticons 1.0 by Christmas MSN Emoticons
Windows | 195KB | Freeware | December 11, 2004
Equip your MSN Messenger with this free Christmas MSN Emoticons pack and spread the holiday spirit in your Messenger conversations this Christmas season! Free!
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Download Christmas MSN Emoticons 1.0

7. by Facemoods
Windows | 865KB | Freeware | January 31, 2010
New! Free Animated smileys and emoticons for facebook chat. send crazy animations to your facebook friends directly from the facebook chat window. 100% free & Safe Free!
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8. Free Christmas Emoticons 1.0

Free Christmas Emoticons 1.0 by Smileys and Emoticons
Windows | 1.69MB | Freeware | December 25, 2011
This pack contains over 50 unique Christmas emoticons that you can use. It's free to download, just download it and run it to put the smileys on your computer. There are icons of Santa Claus, reindeer, xmas trees and lots of other neat animations. Free!
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Download Free Christmas Emoticons 1.0

9. New Year Smileys 1.0

New Year Smileys 1.0 by Smileys and Emoticons
Windows | 1.03MB | Freeware | December 30, 2011
Get these cool new smileys for the new year holidays. There are loads of animated emoticons that you can include in your messages to friends and family for the new year. These are fully free to use for everyone! Free!
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Download New Year Smileys 1.0

10. Rage Guy Animated Wallpaper 1.0

Rage Guy Animated Wallpaper 1.0 by
Windows | 8.66MB | Freeware | January 9, 2012
Rage Guy Animated Wallpaper Free!
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Download Rage Guy Animated Wallpaper 1.0